• Makeup and beauty


    I am sure, Every one of us do have  a skin care routine.  A few years ago, I used to associate this process as part of my makeup game, Every one else was doing it so I was doing it assuming that it must be doing some good. Off course  it is  more than that. With passage of time and constantly learning about products and practices now I have a complete different perspective to wards it. There are a few life changing experiences I want to share. When it comes to skin care I want you to take it very serious as it is the foundation to your best looking…

  • beauty with nature


    Every house have  few go to products in their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They are always there no matter what, when nothing works they come to rescue. I have grown up looking at huge jars of Petroleum jelly, Tiger balm, Vicks balm, Mustard oil, Olive oil being my mother’s rescue staple  items . The jar’s would never finish. (eventually, your mum is there to restock them) These products are of great help e.g I have this childhood memory of Vicks balm, My mum used to apply it on nose and chest so that we kids could sleep in peace with cold stuffy nose. As much as I love to carry…

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