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I am sure, Every one of us do have  a skin care routine.  A few years ago, I used to associate this process as part of my makeup game, Every one else was doing it so I was doing it assuming that it must be doing some good. Off course  it is  more than that.

With passage of time and constantly learning about products and practices now I have a complete different perspective to wards it. There are a few life changing experiences I want to share.

When it comes to skin care I want you to take it very serious as it is the foundation to your best looking self.  I am a supporter of this phrase “Its always about the skin not about the makeup.”

Three reasons that is going to summarize the whole skin game.


Deep cleaning is not only because you have to remove makeup but it should be your daily practice at the end of the day whether or not you wore makeup, If you were out side working or stayed at home all day. When you go to bed your pores should be empty of all the nasty elements.

Our skin protects us 24/7 from all kinds of environmental pollution ( air pollution,  chemical pollution, water pollution etc) germs, bacteria, dust, impurities, fumes, chemical cleaners, skins dead cells, excess oil, and makeup( you see there is a lot more to clean than just makeup). All of this buildup on skin will lead to numerous skin related issues. Just cleaning it with water and cleanser can not ensure deep cleaning this is why practice of double cleansing is being followed by beauty gurus, An approach to be assured of your skins deep pore cleaning .

Taking the first layer of impurities with a massaging cleanser followed by washing the face with a facial cleanser. There shall be Noticeable difference in the health of the skin.  Your expensive products would be of  great use if applied on deeply cleansed skin as they would easily penetrate into deeper skin layers .

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With passage of Time, We age. Aging can not be stopped but the process can be slowed down with an effort.

Again is actually slowing down of your skin cell’s turnover rate, and reduction of good reserves present (collagen, lipids) in our skin which are foundations of a youthful look. All of this leads to sagging of skin, wrinkles, dullness, age spots etc . Today when beauty market is loaded with products unique to cater our individual needs and concern, We are able to make things function better.

Having a consistent skin care routine is like to feed your skin every day with good stuff  which your skin needs the most.  For example A poly peptide, lipid enriched product, can raise  the levels of what’s lost with time and brings back your plump and supple skin.

A good sun block can prevent sun damage, sun spots, and freckles. Sun rays can deplete the good reserves in your skin reducing the levels of collagen and damage the healthy balance of skin cells.

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Every person have different skin challenges to deal with. Some people are fighting the sensitivity of the skin, Some are dealing with Acne, Sun damage, and other skin conditions.

What ever damage was done is done, Now it needs to be cured and fixed.

  • A good vitamin serum can raise up your antioxidant level to fight free radicals  caused by sun damage.
  • A good facial cream and oil can heal your irritated dry skin and provide necessary vitamins.
  • A Retinol product can increase your skins turnover rate, Dead cells are out, New cells are born more faster.
  • Hyper pigmentation can be treated easily by number of products which contain Hydroquinone.
  • Acne can be treated by, Salicylic acid, Retinoids ( derivative of vitamin A, a strong compound to treat severe acne, only available on proscription, the lighter over the counter version in market is called  Retinol)   Tea tree, Neem enriched products.
  • Treat distressed, textured,  Scarred skin by Niacinamide products.


Skin maintenance is not a task for a month or  two, Its a practice for life time. Remember these three benefits in your mind to stay motivated, to be dedicated and consistent  with your routine.

It is going to bring you nothing but best skin you had ever wished for.










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