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CLARISONIC VS FOREO LUNA (Beautiful skin with cleansing devices)




Makeup is big part in women’s life. We all want to master the professional makeup techniques. To achieve the dewy, glowing flawless makeup look. In doing so, I realized makeup is not all that you need. Prior to makeup comes skin care, Which is basis to healthy beautiful skin. Without well looked after skin nothing works perfect. This does not only include prep and prime before makeup but persistent daily skin care routine.

I believe flawless makeup look lies in having healthy skin, and healthy skin does not always need makeup, interesting right? The skin that gives you confidence to step out with bare face. My primary interests shifted from investing into skin care than makeup to keep the skin squeaky clean and healthy. Facial cleansers are crucial for skin care regime, pairing it with even more powerful cleaning tool makes it a winning team. The two sought after and loved devices are Foreo luna and Clarisonic Mia.

They both work best, These devices are built with sonic technology, called T-sonic technology, T stands for transdermal (across the skin). They generate powerful sonic pulsations , yet very gentle on skin to deep clean the skin from pores within. A clogged pore is likely to build a blackhead, which is combination of oil, dead skin cell and dirt from environmental pollution. The best way to treat is through daily gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and deep pore cleanse.

These devices targets all of these concerns and also aids in blood circulation. Simple way to put it they shake and loosen the dirt and impurities from the pores, providing smooth, healthy, radiant looking skin. Helping face products to absorb better into deeper skin layers. They work six times the better than hands. As i have been using them from last couple of years, and I have never looked backed ever since. It’s a life time investment which happened to be totally worth it.

Lets compare the two devices, how they are different. As they both are unique and cater different lifestyles and needs.

Foreo luna is made of soft silicone bristles. Silicone is consider best when it comes to hygiene. It is non porous, bacterial built resistant, very easy to clean the devise. It works the vibrating pulses into deeper skin layers. It provides gentle exfoliation.

Clarisonic device uses soft nylon bristles, they are very likely to built bacterial growth, cleaning the brush head might be tricky.

You never have to worry to change the brush heads, because silicon bristles are rightly embedded in the device.

Where as Clarisonic comes with attachable brush heads, which needs to be changed every 3 months, depends how frequently it is being used. Yes, thats an additional cost.

Foreo luna is suitable enough for people who do not go heavy on makeup every day. Clarisonic for such lifestyle might over work, causing sensitivity in the skin.

Clarisonic works great even on heavy makeup. It removes every last trace of makeup providing unbeatable deep pore cleaning.

Foreo luna devices comes for all skin types, and concerns.

Clarisonic comes with different types of brush heads, each being unique for skin type and performance.

Foreo luna is rechargeable device, full charge on battery, with twice a day usage lasts for 8-9 months.

Clarisonic needs frequent charging.

Foreo luna can also be used as massaging tool and anti-aging tool, Aiding the deep absorption of skin products.

Clarisonic has separate special brush head for this purpose.

Results: Smoother, healthy and glowing skin, Minimized pores, Blood circulation, gentle exfoliation and deep pore cleaning. Over all skin health improvement.

Results: Healthy, beautiful skin, minimized pores, deep exfoliation, deep pore cleaning, blood circulation.


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    Great job … Keep it up… Motivated lolz u know how lazy I am even I can’t wash my face daily with 3 kids… But after reading this article thinking to give some time to my skin….

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