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    Every house have  few go to products in their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They are always there no matter what, when nothing works they come to rescue. I have grown up looking at huge jars of Petroleum jelly, Tiger balm, Vicks balm, Mustard oil, Olive oil being my mother’s rescue staple  items . The jar’s would never finish. (eventually, your mum is there to restock them) These products are of great help e.g I have this childhood memory of Vicks balm, My mum used to apply it on nose and chest so that we kids could sleep in peace with cold stuffy nose. As much as I love to carry…

  • beauty with nature


    Long ago when I was a teenager, I clearly remember it when my mum mentioned she grew up watching women applying oils directly to their face as moisturizers and as a treatment to skin conditions. let me be honest having no knowledge on this,  I was amazed, more ever doubtful about this practice.  Years later on my journey to find natural and effective solutions to my skin related issues also when  I was done with expensive products loaded with chemicals, I gradually shifted to natural products and if not natural it should be really worth every dime. It was then I came across the hype about this amazing oil of…

  • Benefits of Aloe vera
    beauty with nature

    The Benefits of Aloe Vera

    Today I  will talk about my favorite super Plant ALOE VERA. It has been gifted to mankind since ages. It is nature’s remedy to many health and beauty issues.  It contains amazing magical properties. I will highlight few and discuss more of its contributions towards beauty . I have been using it in number of ways  in my beauty regime and saved my self couple of bucks. It works beyond expectations than those over the counter treatments and beauty creams. As a person who is always finding natural solutions to my skin issues. This practice is inherited by my dear mother. I have grown, looking up to her finding natural solutions…