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we all are busy with our lives, Dreaming, Setting goals, Making plans, putting efforts to achieve them, and in the middle of this comes the rest of  everything, Home, Children, Responsibilities, Studies, (if you are a teenager or a student) and what not but its okay we women are masters of multi tasking.
But we all admit to have given it a thought about this once in a while. What if we can  stay in bed in the morning as long as we want?  What if I don’t have to rush to drop my children to school, day care and office, get back home and do household chore’s?  What if I work from home, at my own terms in my comfort zone? What if I don’t have to go out and work?  If you are very happy person already doing your dream job and still want to make most out of your time, add few extra bucks, having a source of passive income with skills you have.
Whether you are a working women who is craving for all of this or you are a stay at home mum,  passionate enough to work from home and still earn money, how does that sound?
Well, this is possible in todays world where digital medium has given us lot of opportunities and now it  provides us with the freedom to make money online from home. We should make the most out of this opportunity.

One of the ultimate platform for making online money is

Why I said ultimate, because it truly has to offer something to every one of us. Meaning to every common person out there even when you think You don’t have anything to offer online trust me you have a lot. We will work that out together in this blog post. I will introduce you to the  Fiverr  platform but if you want to dig deep into it and learn more, here is the link to the  Fiverr e-guide, It is the most comprehensive, yet simple to read and understand.


Fiverr is a platform where millions of people from all around the world Buy and sell services online.
The word Fiverr is derived from the number five. The concept behind Fiverr is, every services sold starts at $5 and goes up. The services sold on fiverr are called Gigs. You can make seven Gigs at a time, even better way to enjoy your artistic personality and technical profile.
Fiverr assigns levels to each seller, on selling your first 10 Gig’s you will be assigned with level 1.


That brings more sales. Here you’ll be given additional features that help you earn more money. At level one, you will be able to offer up to 2 gig extras or additional services. You can charge 5, 10, or 20 dollars for these extras.


The Pro League,  You reach this level when you get 50 orders in two months, while maintaining excellent feedback. At this level, you will get 3 Gig extras or additional services for 5, 10, 20, or 40 dollars with 8 multiples.


Fiver rock star, For a Fiverr seller, this top level and is chosen manually by the Fiverr staff. The staff chooses rock stars based on all of the above criteria in addition to whether or not you’re a community player. Once you reach this level, you’ll get more sales tools, and can try out beta features. You’ll also get 4 gig extras with prices available at 5, 10, 20, 40, or 100 dollars. In addition, you’ll get a maximum of 20 gig multiples and VIP support.

The key to advancing through the levels is getting the feedback you need for each level . Fiverr tracks your performance by your professionalism, through the reviews you get from your buyers, yes good positive feedback from your buyer is important. Deliver you order in time, be polite in your conversations , surprise your buyer by giving something extra.  A happy and satisfied customers is the one and only key to succeed and everything else revolves around it.
How do we do it?  Let’s do it one on one. I would suggest your first step should be…


Visit the website. Spend some time exploring it, It should be your way of understanding the place. You will see many people selling their services and people seeking services. Begin your journey with by Signing up for free

Fiver Android link: click here
Fiverr IOS link: click here
make your Fiverr account to sell your gigs! wait! did i say gigs? do i have one?  lets go to step 2


By now you must have visited the website. Visit every category and its sub categories by going through all the categories. See what other people have to offer. To have a clear idea what people are offering,  would actually help you in figuring out what your gig should be. You will admit there is something for every one of us.

Now pick up a pen and paper make a list of your hobbies and interests. Make another lists of things and skills you have earned from the field of your study or your related job. You can also get the idea by searching the popular gigs at practice it and start selling it.


We all are unique in one or the other way, so should be your Gig. The Gig you are choosing to make, search the market for it at Fiverr. Look for similar Gigs if there are any. Selling popular Gigs will bring in the traffic without much effort, see how other sellers are selling it  take inspirations, but try presenting your Gig in your unique captivating way.
Even if you are stay at home mum you can still do as much as a women who works outside of home.
if you want to stick with your hobbies and passion
For example your gig can be.

  1. A recipe Book of popular cultural recipes
  2. With your passion for sowing and designing you can offer to make unique dress designs (put sample pictures of your work)
  3. You can offer your painting and sketching skills
  4. Your DIY recipes
  5. Your creative art and craft work
  6. Your creative Party management ideas
  7. Your poetic skills, write , compose songs
  8. Write Childern’s and other creative stories
  9. Novel writing, column writing
  10. Teach languages( English, French, Chinese, Hindi etc)
  11. Give online tuitions on Maths, Physics, Chemistry etc
  12. Help Brainstorm Company Names/Slogans
  13. Give relationship advice
  14. You can even make a gig like i can sing, dance or just listen to you

Discover your creative side and sell it on Fiverr.

If you’re willing to sell your soft skills you can make Gigs on.

  1. Legal document, Resume, Content writing
  2. Speed typing, Drafting and Editing
  3. Logo designs
  4. Book cover , Business cards, Brochure designer
  5. If you’r pro at some skill, sell lessons on it or make a book under your name and sell it
  6. Make  professional presentations
  7. If your are good at digital graphics, make short videos, Advertisements, edit professional photos,
  8. Do vector Illustrations
  9. Offer to do research work
  10. Provide virtual assistance
  11. Voice over services

These are just few Gig’s people are already selling them.  You can come up with any unique idea but make sure it is something of peoples interests and gets you sales.
If your are new to these Gigs but still interested in any of the above ideas, there are many free sites to start practicing  your Gig which are simple with easy to use tools. With readily available templates on all types of graphical needs mentioned above with free photo banks, themes, and learning tools. You can start you Gig in no time.

One of my all time favorite website is The one stop website that offers all the wide range of digital creative assets for all tech and non tech based Gigs.

Next one is for fun templates, designing headers, book covers, fun fonts, pictures etc

click here for  fiverr e-book


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you offer similar services as other providers, You can’t make your gig stand out and look unique. You can, In fact the more popular something is, the more likely you are to earn the money. However, you need to find a way to make your Gig stand out in order to differentiate yourself from the others.
For example you want to design the logo. Check out on other similar Gigs, look into Gig’s of top 10 seller. How they are different from each other in the manner of presentation. Work on how your offer can make your Gig stand out among others.
Add images and video supporting your Gig, you can make customize images at.

  • CHOOSE YOUR GIG TILE WISELY  It should be short, attractive and accurate.
  • WRITE GIG DESCRIPTION  This is the important part of the Gig. Which has to be creative, appealing, yet concise and easy to read. It should clearly describes your offer and easy to understand for buyer.
  • ADD KEY WORDS When a seller types for certain Gig the search engine  filters the Gigs with those key words. You can go through other similar top Gigs to have an idea on key words.


Don’t forget to promote your Gig on all social platforms.


click here for fiverr e-book

Fiver Android link:
Fiverr IOS link

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