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How To Save Money Through Cash Back Sites


When we were young  children, we loved to save the money to buy our favorite toys, coin by coin we would fill the jars and treat ourselves with favorite toys. Now that we have grown up those little contributions don’t seem to catch our attention. May be because we are used to play with big numbers but little we notice, The little drops of water do make the mighty ocean.

Saving a small amount soon builds up to a large amount. There are numerous ways to start saving one of them is through Cash back sites. In our daily lives we are constantly involved in buying process. Infect there are many small purchases that we do every day. Would not it be nice if we save a little through each of our purchase and  receive it back in form of cash? 

What are Cash Back Sites? 

Cash back sites play the part of middle man between customer and retailer. These sites pay you back some percentage of  your purchase when you buy through their website. Cash back sites brings traffic to retailers through their websites and earn commission for this, which they share it with customers and we term it as cash back. It’s a win-win  situation for all the three parties involved. The percentage varies for each affiliated store. These sites have partnered with many of the retail websites that we normally love to shop from, They cover wide rage of categories from clothing, to appliances, furnitures, household items, personal care, health and beauty, hotel bookings, travelings some websites even do groceries. 

How to start saving through cash back sites? 

Begin with making a free account. Most sites will top up your account with few bucks for free when you signup. Search of the store you want to shop from e.g Canadian Tire. You will be provided with the click on link to go to the Canadian tire website to start your shopping.  Before buying,  read the terms and conditions of retail shops they might not be offering cash back on all of their products. There can be products offering higher cash back and products with low cash back , you should be clear on this information. There are tools to monitor the rates by different sites. Before proceeding to shop I suggest to compare the cash back percentage between all the Cashback sites out there, who has to offer more. 

Here are the few popular cash back sites which are legit and people are actually saving  through them.

Ebates claim total cash back earned by members is $325,000,000+ with over 750 stores Canada wide. Ebates also offers gift cards, special codes. Once you shop and make a purchase , the cash back will show up in your Ebates account within seven days. Once your cash back has been in your account for 60 days you will get paid.  Ebates has in-store-cash back option. Though there are limited number of store in the category. Go to one of the listed store, link your credit card. All your purchases will show up in Ebates account. Do read the terms and condition how often you will be able to receive your cash back. Don’t forget to check their travel and vacation category.  

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is great for grocery shopping, its also mobile friendly. The website posts their offers on products for different grocery stores. You need to buy them before the offer expires. Once you buy  the product upload the receipt and get your Cashback. Sad part is they don’t do fresh produce.

Great Canadian

  The site  is partnered with hundred’s of retail stores and merchants. If you enjoy shopping online than this strategy might be perfect for you. The earned Cashback back is sent via cheque, in the form of points or sent via PayPal as per your preference. However it is important to know it will take some time as the Cashback sites need to verify the purchases, they would wait for retailer’s return and exchange  date to pass. 

Why some purchases are failed to be tracked?

The Cashback site should be able to track your purchase. At times this might not be the case. Yes, this can be the issue due to certain reasons mainly because of cookies that are saved on your computer. Cookies are  link addresses. Cookies stores your browsing record on your computer, what website you have visited one after the other. Through cookies retail site will track from which web Address you are referred. If you believe your purchase is missed being tracked, You should write to cash back sites and bring it to their notice they are great with responding positively.  This is frustrating for you as well as for Cashback sites. As the retailers won’t track from where have you come from. They won’t recognize your cash back site, in such a case neither Cashback site will get their commission nor you will  get your Cashback.

for your purchase to be always tracked consider these points

•  You must click on the appropriate link at cash back website to the merchant before a purchase.

•  You must turn off  ‘ad blockers’ before clicking the provided link for shopping site.

•  Do not place orders over the phone.

•  You must use the online empty cart.

•  Do not visit other websites between making the purchase. Your path should be Cashback site to retail site.

•  Always accept cookies from cash back sites.

•   Before starting to shop, erase previous cookies from you computer. 

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