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Long ago when I was a teenager, I clearly remember it when my mum mentioned she grew up watching women applying oils directly to their face as moisturizers and as a treatment to skin conditions. let me be honest having no knowledge on this,  I was amazed, more ever doubtful about this practice.  Years later on my journey to find natural and effective solutions to my skin related issues also when  I was done with expensive products loaded with chemicals, I gradually shifted to natural products and if not natural it should be really worth every dime. It was then I came across the hype about this amazing oil of youth, Rosehip seed oil.  I educated my self about oils how they are good for the skin, how they can be used.

The need to hydrate the skin  has been long there. When we go far back to Ancient times, There was no concept of having available the moisturizers that we have now. Oils were the only source of moisturizing the skin. Oils are nature’s produced  moisturizers for us. We slowly shifted away from them with modern inventions and advancements. This have worked back then, The practice of applying oils directly on the face. Only organic cold pressed oils should be applied on the skin.

“Cold pressed” is the term associated to the method of extraction of oil from a seed. It is as simple as it could get. Applying mechanical pressure to squeeze the seed to extract the oil, Preserving all the natural goodness and properties of oil. Without going through any heating, adding additives and chemical process of any kind, you get unprocessed 100% pure raw oil.

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Just to understand  better, Take few almonds  crush them into almond meal. Squeeze the meal with your fingertips you will see the oil come through it,  That’s the cold press method. (add 1tsp  milk,  1tsp yogurt  and 1tsp chic pea powder, make thick paste and massage your skin. Wash it when dry, for  instant plump and glow. )  we don’t want to waste our hard work and almond meal right :- )

The oil is  extracted from wild rose bush seeds (Rosa moschata or Rosa rubiginosa)  which are in the Rosehip bud. When the flower grows and  completes its time span. The petals fall off leaving behind a Rose bud. It is a dry oil, meaning it absorbs quick and gets into deeper layers of your skin without leaving oil residue and excessive shin on the skin.

Rose hip seed oil holds the title, Oil of youth. Let’s discover why every one from top celebrities to royalties to common person swear by this  bottle of youth.

The oil is packed with vitamin A, C, and E.  It’s high in antioxidants essential fatty acids like omega 3, omega 6 and many more.

Anti-aging and Anti wrinkle Oil

Rosehip seed oil contains Tretinoin which is vitamin A derivative. Used to treat Acne and skin condition due to excessive  sun exposure. Tretinoin increases the skin’s turnover rate. Means speeding up the process of getting rid of old cells and produce new ones. It is a constant mechanism that happens naturally in our skin. The babies and children have greater skin turn over rate thats why they have such amazing soft, plump and healthy skin that we all wish for. While we grow older this process slows down and hence slowly takes us to our aging process.



Anti Scaring Oil

The oil is great for acne scars, Age spots, hyperpigmentation and  scars that are formed by other skin conditions.

With vitamin C (ascorbic acid) we commonly  read the term, brightening vitamin C  because it works to decrease the melanin production. Melanin is the dark pigment in the skin.


Protects from Sun Damage

The oil protects the skin from formation of free radicals.

What are free radicals?  UV radiations in sunlight causes the formation of free radicals. When Sun rays comes to contact with skin. It reacts with oxygen in the air and makes free radicals. Free radicals have incomplete pair of electrons which makes it unstable. It actively seeks electrons from other healthy cells to calm itself, Making other cell free radicle which will attack anther healthy cell.  This leads to formation of free radicle chain. Free radicles effects skin elasticity, collagen production, melanin production, turn over rate, DNA of a cells etc

Protecting ourself from the Sun and environmental pollution is the prevention with an added help of Antioxidants which calms the free radicles  and creates a balance between cells.  Rose hip seed oil is packed with anti oxidants.


Nourishing Oil

Rose hip seed oil nourishes the skin with its high content of essential fatty acids.

fatty acids are building blocks of healthy cell membrane. It helps to protect the skin’s natural oil barrier and provides the necessary core nutrients for maintaining the collagen and lipid levels in skin. Which boots skin elasticity and youth-fullness.


Anti-inflammatory Oil

With vitamin E, which has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The oil inherits the  tendency to calm the irritated skin. It targets itchy distressed skin.



  1.  Don’t expect the rose scent from this oil. It has much different raw nutty smell.
  2. Rosehip seed oil is great for hair, nails and skin. A few drops of oil would keep you away from split ends and  gives you healthy cuticles.
  3.  Applying some oil as first step before your  primer and foundation would keep you well hydrated and prepped for seamless foundation . (important: works only with cream, oil based foundations, not recommended under liquid based foundation.)
  4. If you prefer removing makeup with oils and balms, Rosehip seed oil is a natural medium to remove your makeup.
  5. A great after bath oil for you body. I mean, why to forget the body!  let’ show some love to the body the way we do to our face.  (Apply as oil directly or whip the oil and shea butter together to make it creamy  body butter, store in a jar.  I also use it as hand and foot cream )
  6. In your skin care routine, if you have couple of other products to apply. The oil should be the last step, so that it locks all the products in your skin  also because we know oils and water cant live happy together.
  7. Always look for 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed labels on the bottle.
  8.  When you have oils in your skin care routine its important to always deep cleanse your skin every day and exfoliate minimum of twice a week.
  9. If your are first time user, remember to start slow. Try  few drops  once a day, every 2 to 3 alternative days in a week . Once your skin is used to it, it can be used every day.


Personal Talk and Self Observation

I am a great admirer of this amazing oil. It’ s been there on my shelf from last 2 years, replacing those fancy beauty oils. It’s serving me as beauty, prevention and cure to my acne and boosts my skins overall health and appearance.  We all want to see those results, but you know what there are some products which are strong enough to give good results in less amount of time and there are products which we see them as a constant daily ritual for the rest of our life.

I have self learned that when it comes to changes  associated to skin like aging, loosing elasticity, wrinkles etc, which happens in years at slow and low levels but they feel a lot at once, and we panic.  Same is for something good happening in the skin. The effects might be little  but you could see it some time later because they have been working with different pace, with each of our unique skin type and needs.  Think of this great compliment “You don’t seem to age at all “.  The secret are those products like, Rosehip seed oil which needs to be there for the rest of your lives to work.



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