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Every house have  few go to products in their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They are always there no matter what, when nothing works they come to rescue.

I have grown up looking at huge jars of Petroleum jelly, Tiger balm, Vicks balm, Mustard oil, Olive oil being my mother’s rescue staple  items . The jar’s would never finish. (eventually, your mum is there to restock them) These products are of great help e.g I have this childhood memory of Vicks balm, My mum used to apply it on nose and chest so that we kids could sleep in peace with cold stuffy nose.

As much as I love to carry forward these practices I have seen growing up, and what little I have learnt from my mother. I have made a beautiful addition to this list for my family, That’s Shea Butter.

Shea butter is the fat extracted from the Shea nut, mainly found in  African parts. It’s been widely used and loved by the world now,  Why? because it is a versatile products that moisturizes, heals, beautifies the same time.   I have been using it from past 2 years and with time it has replaced many of the products I was using for different purposes.

Shea butter is enriched with fatty acids (Stearic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid)  vitamin A, E and D.

make this sure you are buying pure unrefined Shea butter organically produced which is in ivory color.  Highly refined butter is in white color and should be avoided to use in order to enjoy its full benefits. However the production region of this butter also effects its color. The butter is used as emollient by cosmetic industry in preparation of creams, body butters and lotions.

It heals the skin, with vitamin A it cures, Acne, eczema, dryness, itchiness, scars, all the things which a normal moisturizer is not capable to do at once.

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I came across this butter two years ago, while searching for rich hand and foot cream ( my hands and feet are extremely dry, over the counter creams never work)  Since then the Shea butter has been my family’s  multi purpose healing and beauty cream.

  • As face cream: I use this butter for my kids as face moisturizer (specially my younger child who has Keratosis Pilaris, to keep it under control) for extreme cold weather and bad skin days shea butter becomes my go to face cream even under the makeup not only it moisturizes it keeps my acne at bay.   For 1 year shea butter was the only thing I used as eye cream and still do, sometimes.
  •  As hand and foot cream : It treats discoloration , rough patches on feet and hands, elbows, knees. It keeps the nails shiny, cuticles soft . Say good bye to cracked, dry painful heels forever.  ( My family has never bought hand and foot cream from last 2 years, for convenience we have a jar filled in every room, in kitchen and in our individual handbags.)
  • As body butter:  using it raw, As after bath body moisturizer or make it your unique DIY  body butter recipe  (shea butter 4Tbsp, Olive oil 1Tbsp, coconut oil 1Tbsp, vitamin E oil 1Tsp, add your favorite scented essential oil, whip it into a rich butter , store it in glass jar P.S all oils should be cold pressed organically derived.)
  •  As Healer: We believe what we see!  A month ago, I accidentally burnet my  leg  while ironing clothes . (I went to a pharmacist for medical advice, if I need to see doctor for this or I can get some treatment cream. She suggested to keep it hydrated)  All I did was air dry it and apply Shea Butter every day once a day.  The wound healed  fast, and scar is fading away.

(Disclaimer: This was my personal preference, serious burn and wounds should be treated with proper medical help)


  • As Skin treatment:  With vitamin A it treats the skin. Skins seasonal challenges like dryness, itchiness, minor sun burns, Acne,  irritating skin, stretch marks.
  • As Hair treatment: Provide treatment for you hair at home. Prepare this hair mask use once a week.  Melt shea butter with your preferred hair oils, apply generous amount from scalp to tips cover the hair with hot towel for steam to help Absorb the oils into the hair.


Instead of buying creams and lotion with shea extracts, I would prefer whole chunk of real shea butter thats lasts up-to 6 months. It would save me a lot of money with provided benefits which are beyond the reach of over the counter products.







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